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Chimney Safe Now available at Hearth and Home


Chimneysafe is a newly invented product that automates the cleaning of your chimney leaving it clean and safe on an ongoing basis. It uses cutting edge technology to ensure that you’ll never need your chimney swept again and that you’ll never suffer a chimney fire in your home or business. The unit can be installed in the attic of any residence (old or new) in as little as two hours.

With this product in your home you will never again have to call on a chimneysweep or to sweep down your own chimney.

Through home insurance savings and the elimination of chimney sweep costs the unit will pay for itself over a 4/5 year period.

CE Certification & 10 Year Warranty

Chimneysafe has obtained CE certification and is manufactured to ISO standards. We are so confident in the product that it comes with a 10 year full parts and labour warranty.



How Chimney Safe Works

Stages in the cleaning process

  1. The master unit requests a clean to be completed (this is based on the number of hours a fire has been lit in the chimney)
  2. The solenoid valve opens for a predetermined amount of seconds allowing water to pass through.
  3. The water passes though the chemical solution bottle collecting a preset amount of the same and it then enters a mixing value to mix the water/chemical solution.
  4. Once mixed it is passed on through the pipe and it hits the deflector plate in the chimney cavity. The plate deflects the mixture to all sides of the flue/chimney.
  5. The solution pours down the flue/chimney walls reacting with soot, tar and creosote as it does. It breaks down the same into a fine dust.
  6. This dust is extracted from the chimney by the normal draw of the chimney.

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