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The Benefits of Wood as an Energy Source

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Burning wood has the lowest carbon dioxide rating of all fuels per kilowatt hour of energy
For BER Certification, a chimney in a dwelling with a gas point to the side it will assume a gas fire of 20% efficiency will be installed - if no gas pipe then assumption is solid fuel efficiency of 37% is the default.

If no chimney then assumption for secondary heating is electric which has the highest CO2 rating of all the fuels.

Kyoto Protocol sets targets for 5.2% reduction in Greenhouse gases by 2012.
Ireland must limit increase of greenhouse gases to 13% above 1990 levels with a 12% contribution from Renewable Energy.

So Why Wood?

  • Wood is renewable, sustainable and can replace coal, peat & oil.
  • It is carbon neutral, very clean and safe.
  • The fuel costs for wood are lower and more stable than Gas, Electricity or Oil
  • Is independent of International Energy prices.
  • It provides local employment and prosperity.

Why Wood-Burner as secondary heat??

  • Savings on coast of construction
  • improved design flexibility
  • provides a sought after focal point in the living room
  • allows the use of less expensive fuel
  • reduces the environmental impact of the dwelling
  • Has very high efficiency levels

If electric was to be used then to achieve the target emission rates, solar heating, heat pumps or higher values would have to be installed at considerable costs.

A wood burner with an EFF of 70% would allow an architect to increase the window area of a dwelling from 25% of the floor area to 58% because of the reduction in the carbon.

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